Qualifying Small Agencies that apply to make use of this offer agree to the terms and conditions set out below.

  1. This offer emanates from an agreement between the Competition Commission of South Africa and Caxton and CTP Publishers and Printers Limited. In terms thereof, Caxton undertakes to provide a percentage of bonus advertising space to Qualifying Small Agencies in circumstances and subject to the terms and conditions as set out below.
  2. “Qualifying Small Agencies” refers to those agencies that place less than R50 million worth of advertising a year with any one or more Media Owners, in all forms of media.  In other words, the term refers to advertising agencies that have less than R50 million worth of billings during their immediately preceding financial year and the financial year concerned.  Once an agency places more than R50 million worth of advertising with Media Owner/s, across all forms of media, the Agency will no longer qualify as a Small Advertising Agency, nor as a Qualifying Small Agency for purposes of this offer. In addition, the Qualifying Advertising Agency has to meet the criteria set out in the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 and be compliant with the BEE Codes of Good Practice, must provide a current and valid BEE Certificate and be majority owned by Black People.
  3. “Black People” bears the same meaning as set out in section 1 of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act 53 of 2003 as amended.
  4. Caxton undertakes to provide 25 % in bonus advertising space calculated with reference to advertising space bought by Qualifying Small Agencies for their advertising customers. This undertaking is to be construed as follows:
    1. In interpreting “25% in bonus advertising space” the following applies:
      1. This offer relates to run-of-paper (ROP) advertisements only.
      2. The Bonus advertising space stipulation is measured in “ccm” (column centimetre) based on the size of the advertisement/s bought. Bonus advertising space is here after also referred to as “Additional Advertising Space”.
      3. The “bonus advertising space” will not be a discount on the advertising placed, which gives rise to the bonus, but will be allocated in ccm’s of additional advertising space. The bonus can be “spent” in relation to advertisements in the same edition of the publication or future advertisements in the same publication in which the advertising appeared that gave rise to the bonus.
      4. Caxton will equitably calculate the amount of bonus space in an edition that the  Qualifying Small Agency will, subject to Caxton’s reasonably exercised discretion, be entitled to, after having purchased the advertisement giving rise to the discount. The space to be utilised pursuant to the advertising space bonus will bear the same or a similar value, per the applicable rate card, as the space comprising the initial advertising. Where the space to be utilised for the space bonus advertising carries a different value per the applicable rate card, an equitable adjustment may be made by Caxton to reflect the relative value of the space bonus, per the applicable rate card.
    2. When advertising space is bought by a Qualifying Small Agency, the value of the advertising space will be calculated using a SPARK Media Summary of Rates – click here to view- or any other applicable Caxton Group advertising rate card The rate cards make provision for different rates, depending on the type of advertisement to be printed, the placing and the publication concerned. Different advertising spaces have different values per column centimetre (“ccm”) – the form of standard measurement used by Media Owners in the print media industry.
  5. The Additional Advertising Space will not accrue to any in-house advertising agencies (ie advertisers themselves). Furthermore, the Additional Advertising Space will not be passed back or credited to advertising clients as discounts, kickbacks or confidential rebates, in whatever form.
  6. The purpose behind the Additional Advertising Space as envisioned by the Commission is to provide assistance to Qualifying Small Agencies who are competing in the advertising agency market.
  7. Only Qualifying Small Agencies benefit from the Additional Advertising Space.
  8. Caxton reserves the right to seek reasonable verification of information in this respect. This includes, but is not limited to, the right to request that applicants verify their identity, business ownership, business registration, BEE certificate and financial status. Where applications for credit are submitted, Caxton reserves the right to request applicants’ credit reports and credit references.
  9. Caxton reserves the right to differentiate its credit in terms of trade with agencies based on credit vetting procedures and may elect not to deal with a Qualifying Small Agency it believes will not be able to meet its terms of payment.
  10. Caxton reserves the right to require security where credit is provided to a Qualifying Small Agency.
  11. It is further an express condition of the Additional Advertising Space credit, that qualifying agencies must be independent and must not be subsidiaries or associates or related parties, as that term is defined in section 2 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, with other advertising agencies or advertisers. The onus of establishing this would lie with the advertising agent.
  12. Pre-registration with Caxton is accordingly a pre-condition to obtaining the space bonus. Applicants must register as beneficiaries on applyforsma.co.za.

Nature of the benefits which are to accrue to Smaller Advertising Agency

  1. The Additional Advertising Space should accrue on a basis which is sustainable for Caxton and the Qualifying Small Agencies.
  2. Additional Advertising Space should start to accrue from the date of purchase of advertising space by the Qualifying Small Agency.
  3. The Additional Advertising Space is redeemable for a period of six months from the month following the purchase of the advertising space, whereafter the Additional Advertising Space will expire.
  4. The Additional Advertising Space will be available only in the publication (ie the particular newspaper or magazine title) in which the initial advertising was published.
  5. The Additional Advertising Space, for all Qualifying Small Agencies in any edition of any publication will be capped at a maximum of 5% of the total available advertising carried (measured in column centimetres) in the publication – anything in excess of this will be permitted at the discretion of Caxton.
  6. Space will be allocated on a “first come first serve” basis.
  7. Caxton may refuse any offer from a Small Advertising Agency that goes against the spirit, and not the letter, of this endeavour.
  8. Advertisements that are placed utilising the Additional Advertising Space, will not qualify for a further bonus space allocation.
  9. Caxton reserves the right to exclude peak publishing days, when advertising space is at a premium, from the bonus scheme.
  10. Caxton reserves the right to determine the placement of qualifying Additional Advertising Space advertisements within publications, after discussion with the Qualifying Small Agency.
  11. Additional Advertising Space will not be allocated:
    • where in the discretion of Caxton the system for the provision of Additional Advertising Space is abused by advertisers or advertising agencies;
    • where the original advertising on which the space is calculated is placed by advertisers who also place advertisements in the same campaign or buy space through large (above R50 million billings) media agencies or media buying agencies;
    • if Caxton determines that it is not an acceptable credit risk to provide credit to a Qualifying Small Agency, and the Agency does not pay cash in advance, or if the account of a Qualifying Small Agency is overdue, or not conducted in accordance with Caxton’s terms and conditions;
    • in respect of insert advertising, and applies only to run-of-paper advertising;
    • where the Qualifying Small Agency does not introduce new advertisers to Caxton in respect of at least 25% of the Additional Advertising Space; and
    • after three years from the commencement of the Additional Advertising Space scheme.
  1. This offer will stand for three years from 16 February, 2018, subject to a total annual advertising space cap of R15 000 000.
  2. No relaxation or indulgence shown by Caxton will constitute a waiver of any of these terms and conditions.
  3. Caxton reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions.